At One Click Healthcare, we believe that every health challenge demands a well-crafted strategy to be overcome.

Our team is dedicated to supporting and guiding you throughout this journey, helping you make informed decisions, and ensuring that your experience is as seamless as possible. Our mission is to be your trusted partner in the fight for your health and well-being.


Welcome to One Click Healthcare


Welcome to One Click Healthcare, an international healthcare service provider located in Baden-Baden, Germany.




Our mission is to provide world-class services to healthcare travelers from all over the globe. Our team of experienced healthcare professionals, supported by our international partners, have decades of experience in the healthcare sector. They are dedicated to analyzing your condition and recommending the most appropriate healthcare facilities and doctors available to you.

What we do





At One Click Healthcare, our professional services are designed to make your journey to treatment and recovery as smooth and effortless as possible, so that you can focus on your health and well-being. Our comprehensive range of healthcare services, including Preventive and Protective Healthcare, Treatment and Surgery, Kids & Teenagers, Mental and Antistress programs, Rehabilitation & Recreation, and Wellness & Spa, have been meticulously developed to meet the highest global standards and cater to all your needs during your trip.

We offer our services to individual clients, companies, sports clubs, organizations, and governments, assisting them in accessing unparalleled healthcare facilities in Germany at reduced costs. Our team is dedicated to explaining and clarifying all essential procedures to ensure outstanding results for our clients.



Tailored to your specific case and needs, we provide a comprehensive treatment protocol that comprises:

Upon choosing an offer and selecting your travel and procedure plan, we will provide you with a dedicated Case Manager who will offer you personalized assistance throughout your journey. Our services include detailed information on medical facilities and selected physicians, staff profiles, procedure calendars, a personal driver and translator, pre and post-trip assistance, and accommodations. If desired, we can also arrange leisure activities and all-day tours for you and assist with your companion’s stay. Once your travel and procedure plan are finalized, we will ensure a hassle-free departure, visit, and arrival.

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