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The healthcare system in Germany is internationally recognized as one of the finest, highly efficient, technologically advanced, and easily accessible in the world. Germany has achieved its prominent status through unparalleled collaboration among scientific advancements, research initiatives, industrial contributions, and medical expertise.


Dr. Dana Schultz

“Our dedicated team is committed to thoroughly analyzing your medical situation, leaving no stone unturned. With unwavering dedication, we will match you with the finest facilities and top-notch doctors, ensuring you receive the best possible care tailored to your unique needs. Your well-being is our utmost priority, and we will go above and beyond to deliver excellence in healthcare.”

Our practice areas

top surgical subspecialties in Germany


Cardiac surgery specializes in surgical treatments of the heart and its associated structures, addressing conditions such as coronary artery disease, heart valve disorders, and congenital heart defects.


Germany has advanced cancer treatment facilities, and surgeries for various types of cancer, including breast, lung, prostate, and gastrointestinal cancers, are commonly performed.


Weight loss surgeries, such as gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric banding, are sought after by individuals struggling with obesity.


Orthopedics and trauma surgery deal with the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders, including fractures, joint replacements, sports injuries, and spinal conditions.


Neurosurgery focuses on surgical interventions related to the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves, addressing conditions like brain tumors, spinal disorders, and neurotrauma.


Surgeries for eye conditions, including cataract surgery, LASIK, and corneal transplant, are frequently performed.

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Your health,is in Better

Rest assured, our team will dedicate utmost care and attention to studying your medical case in a thorough and comprehensive manner. We will delve into the intricate details, meticulously examining your medical history and timeline. By conducting a meticulous analysis, we aim to identify the most suitable specialist for your specific condition.

Our approach doesn’t stop there. We understand the importance of success rates in surgical procedures and treatments. Therefore, we will prioritize finding a specialist with a track record of high success percentages in similar surgeries and treatments. Your well-being and the best possible outcome are our top priorities, and we will leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of excellence.


Dr. Mark Jenkracher

Dermatology Specialist

12 years experience

co-founder AND partner

Susanne Schultz

Susanne Schultz, our highly respected Co-founder, and partner, brings a wealth of experience in the field of public relations. With her extensive background, she has cultivated a vast network of friends and acquaintances within the global business community. Her strong connections span various industries and regions worldwide, enabling us to forge valuable partnerships and collaborations.

Through Susanne’s extensive network, we access a diverse range of resources and opportunities. Her relationships open doors to new markets, potential investors, and strategic alliances, bolstering our growth and enhancing our reach. With her keen understanding of the business landscape and ability to foster strong relationships, Susanne plays a vital role in our success as a company.

Her dedication, expertise, and global network contribute to our ability to connect with key stakeholders, engage in meaningful collaborations, and establish a strong presence in the business domain. With Susanne as a valued member of our team, we have the advantage of leveraging her extensive network to propel our business to new heights.

non medicalExperts


Jenna Coates

Our esteemed head of the law department plays a pivotal role in advocating for the rights and best interests of our patients. With their extensive legal knowledge and expertise, they navigate the complex landscape of healthcare laws and regulations to ensure that our patients receive fair and just treatment. They closely monitor legal developments, provide guidance on medical and patient-related legal matters, and work diligently to protect the rights and privacy of our patients. Through their dedicated efforts, we strive to provide a safe and secure environment where patients can trust that their legal rights are upheld, giving them peace of mind during their healthcare journey.


Corry Flynn

Our dedicated head of accounting plays a crucial role in ensuring cost-effectiveness for our patients. By maintaining close contact with insurance providers and hospital billing departments, they actively work towards reducing the financial burden on patients. Their expertise and proactive approach allow us to explore various avenues, negotiate with insurance companies, and streamline billing processes, ultimately helping to minimize costs for our patients. With their diligent efforts, we strive to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyone we serve.